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Members Pattern Database

Fly dressers are an inventive lot. We are all struggling to create that elusive 'wonder fly' that will prove irresistible to every fish that swims. As such we tend to create lots of brand new fly patterns, flies incorporating new techniques, flies incorporating new material and variants on existing established flies.

Rather than these fly disappearing into obscurity, we are trying to collect these patterns created by our members and ensure that they get the widest recognition possible. To enable us to do this we require you the members to send in your patterns, they can be brand new, experimental, or even tried and tested patterns.

Fill in the form fields that ask for information about the fly. You only need to fill in the fields that are applicable to your fly. Also, remember that as you type into the relevant boxes they will expand to accommodate all your text. Submit the form to the website and we will do the rest. 

You will also need to send a finished version of the fly (this should be one you have tied) to Mike Guest. Email him at: and he will let you know how to get the fly to him. Remember to package the fly well so that it survives the journey intact!

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