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Fly Tying Dates


From September through to April the Sussex FDG branch runs a structured fly-tying programme for beginners through intermediate to advanced level on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 19:00 hrs at our evening classes in Clayton Church Hall, Underhill Lane, Clayton, West Sussex BN6 9PJ.

The courses for each stage are tailored to ensure good fly-tying skills are learnt and 

the majority of fly-tying techniques are covered throughout the three courses.

Our courses integrate with the main guild Accreditation system of Bronze, Silver and

Gold standards for fly tying and our members who successfully complete each

course can be awarded the appropriate certificate from the main guild. In addition, all

of our instructors who teach and instruct all of the different classes hold the

Instructors Certificate from the Main Guild. This may sound quite formal but the tying

evening is far from stuffy and boring - they are tremendous fun with our instructors

keeping the classes entertained as well as informed.

Although the courses are structured for the ‘winter tying season’ anybody can join at

any time and tie with a class or join the table of regular freeform tyers who come

along to tie their own flies with friends in a very friendly atmosphere. If you are unsure, please drop in for a chat and a cup of tea on one of our Thursday evenings - you are sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

We use Peter Gathercole’s two books ‘Fly Tying for Beginners’ and ‘The Fly-Tying

Bible’ as course texts for the beginners and intermediate classes and within the

programme, the page numbers are listed for the particular fly on a particular week

refer to these books.

We will be talking to our instructors to see what they advise regarding this year's sessions (2024 -25) but in the meantime, I think it will be useful to at least have a note of the actual tying dates here on the website as a reference.

Dates of tying nights 2024/25

Sept 5th and 19th
Oct 3rd and 17th
Nov 7th and 21st
Dec 5th and 19th
Jan 2nd and 16th
Feb 6th and 20th
Mar 6th and 20th
April 3rd

More detailed information will follow shortly.

Season 2023 - 2024

Beginners Syllabus

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